CrowdFunding FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of funding can I raise on your platform?

We offer equity, revenue-based funding, rewards/prepayment, and donations.

How much does it cost to use the Wilco Funding portal?

There’s no cost to submit an application.  We charge fees for posting your deal and for additional services if you require it.

Are there any businesses you do not accept?

Wilco considers all business applications but only posts those are deemed to have a chance to succeed with investors or backers.

How does the JOB S act impact my use of your funding portal?

While the JOBS act has been passed, the laws are not fully implemented.  For equity offerings, the Wilco Funding Portal brings together entrepreneurs with investors who can then use a Reg D transaction offline to fulfill the investment.  For rewards/prepayment and donations there’s no impact.

What is the application process?

The first step is to complete the online application. The next step is for a representative of Wilco to review your application and discuss the process of launching and running a campaign.

How long can I raise funding on your site?

Most campaigns run 90 days but some can be extended further.

How much funding can I raise?

For equity deals, our investors are angel –centric so they look for deals ranging from $200K to $2M.  For rewards/prepayment and donations, there’s no limit and no minimum.

What happens if I don’t raise my target amount?

You keep what amount you have raised by the end of your target campaign.

Can I raise funding from other sources as well as the Wilco Funding Portal?

Yes. You can raise funding from any source at any time.

Can my community have their own page on the TEN portal?

Yes. We can build a page to highlight your community’s startups and initiatives.